Product Branding & Packaging

Product Branding

On product branding, tags or nameplates will display the appropriate product brand lockup. Be sure to use product logos that include the tagline “a Xylem brand”.

Below are some examples:

Wholesale Packaging

Xylem Blue boxes are now used for a wide range of Flygt, Goulds Water Technology and Lowara products sold across Europe and the Middle East. The packaging is environmentally friendly and easily recognizable to our customers as a Xylem product. It combines the Xylem Blue color with the white outline wave graphic. In addition, the product brand is featured on four sides of the box and proportionally larger on the top, making our brands more visible and memorable to customers. The blue color unifies our brands and gives a common family feeling across brands and product ranges. International safety symbols are included on the main sides of the package according to European legislation, along with our DNV certification. The easy-to-handle package is made of recyclable cardboard, yet is strong, shock resistant and robust. It features efficient, water-based, long-lasting printing inks.

A single, detailed product label is clearly visible on the package and provides clear information, enhancing the purchasing experience for customers. It describes the content of the box, provides a drawing of the pump, name, description, origin, technical characteristics, dimensions and weight. A QR code featured on the label allows easy access to online instructions and manuals.

Product Packaging

On packaging, the product lockup is placed in the upper right corner of each package face with plenty of clear space surrounding the logo. Logos, other graphics and type are printed in one color (black), and any descriptive type uses the Avenir Next family of fonts. Design is kept simple and straightforward, including only essential information for easy readability and identification by the viewer.




Shipping Labels

Shipping labels will display the appropriate product brand lockup. Be sure to use product logos that include the tagline “a Xylem brand”. Below an example of a shipping label.


Rev: 01-15-2018