On-hold Telephone Script

Our brand is communicated by even something as routine as our telephone hold messages. It’s important that we stay consistent in emphasizing our key messages around “solving water.”

We recognize that “let’s solve water” is a difficult concept to translate, and that the word “solve” especially is challenging in some languages. We encourage our international communicators and others responsible for creating telephone hold messages to consider thinking of alternative words and concepts, such as “fix” or “care about” as alternatives when developing translations of the telephone message.

As a metaphor, you may wish to think about how you would describe a glass that has a crack in it. It isn’t completely broken in pieces, so you can still use it, but it would be better if you would “fix” it, or “take care” of it so that it would enable you to drink from it without leaking. How in your language would you express this wish to someone else whom you would like to assist you in addressing the problem?

Also, it’s important to note that “let’s” is an important construct. This should not be expressed as “we.” It’s meant to suggest collaborative activity – a joining of forces – and it must imply that the work to be done is not just for the speaker or sender of the message, but also for the recipients.

The English-language script follows:

Let’s solve water! Thank you for calling Xylem, a leading pure-play water and technology equipment leader.

Let’s solve water” is our tagline. It means that we want to address the world’s most challenging water issues by enabling smarter use of water. Working with our customers and partners, we’re finding ways to optimize access to clean water, deliver it more efficiently, and promote its conservation and re-use. We want to help communities thrive and ensure a more sustainable world for future generations.

We appreciate your call; someone will be with you shortly.

Rev: 09-26-2017