Our Voice

Xylem speaks with a modern, contemporary voice. Our sentences are short, direct and free of puffery or flowery language. We write in the active voice, and in an open, informal manner. Our tone is approachable, friendly, serious when necessary and occasionally irreverent (if it works to get our point across).

Here’s an example of our voice:

Xylem works to protect water. We provide innovative products, systems and applications knowledge so users of water can transport, treat and test water more effectively. Collaborating with non-governmental organizations, we strive to educate people around the world about water-related issues and how we can solve them.

Whether we’re crafting an ad, a press release, brochure copy or other text, we intentionally use language to build the Xylem brand. Xylem uses AP (Associated Press) Style for all communications. AP Style is a style guide commonly used by journalists and other writers to maintain consistent grammar and punctuation in their writing.

The one way we deviate from AP Style is to capitalize titles. Please use title case (capitalize all important words as you would a book title) for all titles, but adhere to AP Style in all other instances. More information can be found at www.apstylebook.com.

When we create a brochure, PowerPoint presentation or other collateral material, the title of the piece is always in title case. Be sure to capitalize all important words as you would a book title, like the examples shown below.

XYL_CaseStudy_A4_front    A_Company_Overview

Rev: 09-26-2017