Our Name and Tagline


Xylem is the scientific term for the tissue in plants that brings water upward from the roots. It speaks to our ability to navigate from the root of a challenge to a successful outcome. Our company balances bold problem-solving with forward-looking creativity to nourish the present and sustain the future. Our name should help people understand that we are an efficient provider and transporter of innovative products that bring water to where it is most needed.

Our tagline

Let’s Solve Water is our rallying cry that sums up how we make the most of our resources to find solutions to our customers’ most urgent water challenges.

We solve water as a team of dedicated experts who work together to provide advanced technology, equipment and solutions that solve our customers’ most critical water challenges. We want to do this in a profitable and sustainable way.

Some of our brands serve customers outside the water industry. For these brands, helping to build the overall Xylem brand and story in the marketplace remains our strategy.

It is acceptable only in the case of a non-water industry material to use the Xylem logo without the “Let’s Solve Water” tagline lockup, for example on a tradeshow banner or industry advertisement.

Why is water important?

Water is vital for human life and economic growth — and is critical for effective delivery of other vital resources such as food and energy. Safe and efficient use of water is one of the most complex, challenging and important issues our planet faces. Demand for water continues to grow even as its supply steadily decreases.


Rev: 09-26-2017