Brand Character and Essence

Our brand character

Our character helps us brings Xylem to life – it’s the set of attributes that come together to define our personality. Having a compelling, human personality will support our relationships across touchpoints and throughout communications, guiding our words and behavior to build equity into our brand.

As a company, we are made up of bold and creative problem solvers and experienced yet flexible experts. We’re thoughtful and forward-looking, always considering the effect of our work on the trials of today and advances of tomorrow.

The essence of our brand

A vital element of the solution

The essence of our brand is core to Xylem, just as what we do is necessary for the preservation of our world’s most important resource. A vital element of the solution highlights our essential role in creating efficient systems and sustainable solutions so that communities across the globe can thrive.

Our brand essence is an internally facing element of our brand. Because it hasn’t been registered for proprietary use, we should not feature it in external communications.

Rev: 09-26-2017