Roll-up Banner

The roll-up banners measure 33.44 inches (85 cm) wide by 85 inches (216 cm) high. The following guidelines should be followed in order to create materials that correctly apply the visual elements of the Xylem brand in a consistent and compelling way. Templates are available for download on this page.

Corporate Roll-up Banner

The corporate roll-up banner uses the proprietary Xylem color waves along with a photo, headline and a brief section of copy or bullet points to quickly communicate your desired message. The Xylem logo with tagline appears in the upper right corner of the banner.

Corporate Roll-up Banner

Product Roll-up Banner

The product roll-up banner also features the Xylem wave graphic, but it can be customized to match your brand’s key accent color. The space for photography and headline/copy remains the same as the corporate version, and the appropriate product brand lockup replaces the Xylem logo in the upper right corner.

Product Rolll-up Banner

See Photography & Illustration for guidelines on choosing and cropping photos appropriately for the banner.


Several roll-up banners describing our capabilities have been developed and implemented in re-branding our corporate facilities. We have made the high-resolution graphics available for repurposing at your own facilities. The banners measure 33.44 inches (85 cm) wide by 85 inches (216 cm) high and are available for download from this page.

Transport banner Xylem_banner_Flow_Control Xylem_banner_Analytics Xylem_banner_Residential
Transport Flow Control Analytics Residential & Commercial Water
Xylem_banner_Dewatering Xylem_banner_Treatment Xylem_banner_Watermark
Dewatering Treatment Watermark

Rev: 09-26-2017