Email Signatures

Email is the most common form of business communication. Email signatures – the online version of a business card – not only provide contact information, they convey our brand and who we are as a company. We have developed standard formats for email signatures that all colleagues should follow in keeping with our brand guidelines. These are designed to establish a consistent external one-company image to all of our stakeholders.

There are two basic email signature formats, longform and abbreviated. Either format may be used with the Xylem logo with tagline or, for non-water businesses, the Xylem logo without the tagline. No product or program logos can be substituted or added. Please be sure to use a high-quality logo, which can be downloaded from this page, and to size it appropriately.

  • The text of the email signature should appear in Xylem Gray in 10-12 point Arial font.
  • The text for the social channel hyperlinks should appear in hyperlink blue in 9-10 point Arial font separated by Xylem Gray vertical bars. The social channels you include are at your discretion, and we encourage you to consult your local marketing contact if you have questions.
  • The Xylem logo with tagline should be 120px wide. If using the Xylem logo without the tagline, it should be sized to 100px wide.
  • Should your country need specific addresses and company names for legal compliance (e.g., all UK based employees must display registered address, etc.), please consult your local marketing contact.
  • We have included optional use of pronouns (for more info on pronouns please see here). You may also include your email address below telephone contact details if needed.

Step-by-step instructions on how to set up your personalized email signature in Microsoft Outlook follow the samples below. If you do not use Outlook as your email application or need assistance in setting up a signature, please contact your local IT department to have them configure a signature for you that replicates one of the formats below.

Please note: the Xylem logo without tagline may be used for non-water businesses. 

Adding a promotional banner to an email signature

The above basic, unadorned signature is preferred. However, in some instances, you may wish to add a banner promoting a product announcement or tradeshow event to your email signature. Please adhere to the following guidelines and refer to the samples provided when adding promotional banners.

  • Use promotional banners sparingly.
  • Only add one banner to a signature.
  • The banner must appear after your signature. Do not place it anywhere before or within your signature.
  • The design of the banner should align closely with our current advertising (samples can be found in our Online Advertising guidelines) or with the established look of the promoted product announcement or tradeshow.
  • Save banners at 72dpi or 96dpi. Keep the total area under 100,000 pixels squared, and do not exceed 600 pixels wide. 450 pixels wide x 100-150 pixels high is a common size for promotional banners.
  • Save the image in JPG or GIF format, and do not use animation.
  • Keep the file size under 45kB to ensure quick loading and conserve internal server space.

Adding a listing of accolades to an email signature

It may be appropriate to call attention to the accolades Xylem has received within your email signature. If desired, a recent listing of awards and honors may be added in place of or after a promotional banner. Use unobtrusive 10-point Arial type in Xylem Gray to create a listing similar to the examples shown.

How to create your branded email signature in Microsoft Outlook

  1. From the main Outlook window, click FILE, then Options, then Mail.

  2. Ensure that the Compose messages in this format: is set to HTML.
  3. From this same window click Signatures… button.
  4. In the Signatures and Stationery window, on the E-mail Signature tab, under Select signature to edit, click the New button.
  5. In the New Signature dialog, type a name for the new signature (e.g., Xylem – Longform, or Xylem – Abbreviated), then click OK.
  6. In the Edit signature box, copy and paste either the longform template or abbreviated template that can be downloaded from this page. You can then edit the respective sections (e.g., employee name, optional pronouns, etc.) as well as the respective hyperlinks embedded in the Xylem logo and/or the social media handles. Under Choose default signature, set the new signature as your default by selecting it in New messages and/or Replies/forwards. Click Save and OK.
  7. In the Signatures and Stationery dialog click OK.
  8. In the Options dialog click OK.

NOTE: Steps might be slightly different depending on the version of Outlook installed on your computer. Please reach out to your local Xylem Marketing contact or with any questions.

How to create your branded email signature Secure Mail mobile application

  1. Open your mail app and open an email you’ve sent from the computer with your newly updated signature. Makes sure to click Show picture before copying to ensure the Xylem logo is properly copied. Highlight the whole signature and select Copy.
  2. Return to the mail app’s homepage and click the menu icon on the top left corner of the screen and then click the settings icon located on the bottom right.
  3. Click on Signature.

  4. Tap the blank area where the cursor is blinking, and hit Paste. Your new signature should have been pasted into the box. Given this is a signature from a mobile application, you are allowed to remove social media links, mailing address, etc. as you feel best meets your style and needs.
  5. Make sure the “Append Signature” switch is on (on is when it is shaded in turquoise) as seen below and click Save.


Rev: 04-06-2021