Xylem Watermark Logo

Xylem Watermark is Xylem’s corporate citizenship and social investment program, created to provide and protect safe water resources in communities around the world. Xylem works with leading international nonprofit organizations to provide water with community-based and emergency response projects, and to protect water resources through disaster risk reduction efforts.

This is the primary signature for the Xylem Watermark brand. Every effort should be made to use this version of the logo. The logo is available as a four-color process file or as a single spot color file with the water drops as screened percentages of the spot color.

In certain instances, color printing may not be available (for example, newspaper or magazine advertising). Use the one-color black logo for these applications.

The signature may be reversed in white as long as there is sufficient contrast with the background to ensure legibility.

In instances where the amount of vertical space is a concern, use the horizontal version of the logo. This logo is available in four-color process, spot color, black and white options.

Rev: 02-02-2021