Non-Water Applications

Clarity of communications for our non-water customers

Some of our brands, such as YSI Life Sciences, Bellingham & Stanley, OI Analytical and ebro, often serve customers outside the water industry. For these brands, helping to build the overall Xylem brand and story in the marketplace remains our strategy. The better our corporate brand is known and understood for all that it offers, the higher we can lift our entire portfolio over time. We should look for ways to relate and confidently connect the Xylem brand and its attributes of quality solutions and applications expertise to the non-water-centric portfolio.

However, we need to be mindful that in certain contexts our presentation as a water-centric business could be confusing for our customers in the food and beverage, environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical and other vertical markets. For that reason we have developed some specific guidance and one exception to the overall Xylem brand guidelines for these applications.

Visual presentation

In branded materials or environments such as tradeshows that are targeted at non-water industry customers, we should ensure that any photography used is appropriate for and recognizable to their industry. Non-water imagery that is in context with the industry certainly can and should be used, as long as it is stylistically aligned with other Xylem photography assets (aspirational, dynamic, engaging and real – never staged). Our photography guidelines can help you choose appropriate photos, and the examples below show well-aligned imagery.


Non-water_Environment1 Non-water_Environment2 Non-water_Environment3


Non-water_People1_FPO Non-water_People2_r1 Non-water_People3


Non-water_Product1  Non-water_Product3

Message hierarchy

Copy in collateral targeting non-water audiences, such as a brochure developed for the food and beverage segment, should lead with the relevant brand(s) and positioning, relate to that particular customer context and need, then make the connection to Xylem Inc. and our broader story. We have developed the following standard boilerplate for use in such situations, which demonstrates this hierarchy of messaging:

[insert brand(s)] is/are part of Xylem Analytics and a leading provider of [insert short targeted product or application list].

Xylem Analytics’ global brands have been leaders in the laboratory instrumentation market for decades, and are relied upon every day across more than 150 countries. Working in true partnership with our clients, we listen, learn and adapt to individual needs, offering deep application expertise built upon our long history of innovation in instruments and services. Our solutions for analysis, measurement and monitoring help enable many of today’s modern laboratories and industrial processes, and provide our customers the trusted and high performing solutions they need to succeed.

Xylem Analytics is part of Xylem Inc., a global company focused on solving the world’s most challenging and fundamental water issues. As accurate analysis is crucial to the water industry, Xylem Analytics taps its diverse product brands for leadership in that field and beyond, providing the best laboratory and field monitoring instrumentation across a wide variety of industries.

Exception: Use of our tagline on front cover of non-water industry brochures

To minimize potential customer confusion, it is acceptable for the “Let’s Solve Water” tagline lockup to be removed from the front cover of a non-water industry targeted brochure. However, it must be used on the back cover along with the boilerplate.

In the case of multiple product brands shown in gray on the front cover, the Xylem logo (without tagline) must still be visually more prominent than the product brand logos.

Brochures for individual product brands may use their brand’s primary logo color as an accent color in the proprietary Xylem waves and throughout the brochure. The product logo lockup should be used in place of the corporate Xylem logo. Some examples are shown below.

Non-water_BrocureFrontCover Non-water_BrocureBackCover
Brochure front cover (no tagline) Brochure back cover (must have tagline)


Multiple product brand brochure


Individual product brand brochure

Exception: Use of our tagline in non-water industry communication materials

It is acceptable only in the case of non-water industry communication materials to use the Xylem logo without the “Let’s Solve Water” tagline lockup, for example on a banner or industry advertisement.

Xylem logo (without the tagline)


Rev: 10-06-2020