Goulds Water Technology Guidelines


The Goulds name is a highly valuable brand asset, now shared by 2 companies – ITT and Xylem. Customers in the industrial and municipal markets have come to know and value Goulds as a premium brand, and we want to continue providing them with the same quality product, service and capabilities they have come to expect, no matter which company is behind the product. Yet, we need to let the marketplace know which Goulds products are primarily for water applications versus those that pump fluids other than water.

To avoid confusion, ITT will continue using the Gould Pump brand as it is today. Xylem is adopting a new name – Goulds Water Technology – and a modified identity for global use in the water business.

Use the following guidelines to ensure you present the Goulds Water Technology brand accurately and consistently.


The name of the brand is “Goulds Water Technology.” Do not shorten or abbreviate this name to “Goulds” in any application. You may use “Goulds Water” in spoken form but do not include it in written applications.

  • Keeping “Goulds” in the name takes advantage of the recognition and brand equity built over the years.
  • The descriptor, “water technology,” clarifies how the brand is focused within Xylem, and our view of the brand going forward.
  • It differentiates the brand from Goulds Pumps and provides a clear indicator of the nature of our products.

Image attributes

Use of the Goulds Water Technology brand should reflect these characteristics:

Premium Trusted Dynamic
Superior quality
High performance
Long-term reliability
Lasting relationships

Logo overview

The new logo signals true separation between the two brands and stands out in the competitive landscape. This is the primary signature of the Goulds Water Technology brand. Every effort should be made to use this version of the logo.

Goulds Water Technology Logo

Logo Variations

Where horizontal space is restricted, use the vertical version of the logo.

Goulds Water Technology Logo Vertical

In certain instances, color printing may not be available (for example, newspaper or magazine advertising). Use one of the grayscale logos for these applications. Always use the approved artwork. Do not take a color logo and digitally convert it to grayscale, since the shades of gray have been adjusted in the approved logos to have the same visual weight as the color versions.

Goulds Water Technology Logo GrayGoulds Water Technology Logo Vertical Gray

If black is the only color available, use one of the black logos.

Goulds Water Technology Logo BlackGoulds Water Technology Logo Vertical Black

The signature may be reversed in white as long as there is sufficient contrast with the background to ensure legibility.

Goulds Water Technology Logo WhiteGoulds Water Technology Logo Vertical White

A lockup of the Goulds logo and “a Xylem brand” tagline has been created for use on all commercial and promotional materials, including advertising, promotional items, apparel, trade show displays and other applications. The applications in which the lockup should not be used are on products, product nameplates and labels, and on company assets and materials such as building signs, forms and invoices, employee badges and uniforms, etc. Be sure to only use the lockup files as provided for download on this site. Do not alter them in any way. More specific information on how to use the Goulds lockup logo can be found under the Core Elements section of this website in the Product Brand Logos section.

Goulds Water Technology Logo Lockups

Clear Space

It is important to maintain the visual integrity of the signature. Therefore, a clear space surrounding the logo has been established to separate it from page edges, type, imagery and other graphic elements. At minimum, an area of isolation based on the height of the “L” in “GOULDS” should surround the logo. No typography or graphics should be placed in this area.

Goulds Water Technology Logo Clear Space

Be sure to include the Xylem brand line when determining the clear space for the lockup.

Goulds Water Technology Logo Lockup Clear Space

Minimum Size

When reproducing the signature at small sizes, consideration must be given to legibility. To maintain legibility of the logotype, do not reproduce the horizontal logo smaller than 1.125 inches (28mm) wide or the vertical logo smaller than 0.9 inches (23mm) wide for print applications. For onscreen applications, the horizontal logo should not be smaller than 100 pixels wide, and the vertical logo should not be smaller than 80 pixels wide.

Print applications

Goulds Water Technology Logo Minimum Size Print

Onscreen applications

Goulds Water Technology Logo Minimum Size On-Screen

Color Palette

Correct color specification ensures consistency of the brand across all media. The Goulds Water Technology signature uses the following color breakdowns.

Pantone Cool Gray 7

Pantone Cool Gray 7

CMYK 0/0/0/58
RGB 151/153/155

Pantone 308

Pantone 308

CMYK 100/22/8/58
RGB 0/88/124

Pantone 298

Pantone 298

CMYK 68/3/0/0
RGB 0/182/230

Incorrect Usage

The samples on this page do not illustrate every misuse, but the general guidelines that they represent can be broadly applied in order to use the Goulds logo correctly.

Goulds Logo Do Not 1 Goulds Logo Do Not 2
Do not try to create the logo using fonts. Do not separate Goulds from Water Technology.
Goulds Logo Do Not 3 Goulds Logo Do Not 4
Do not place the logo on a competing background. Do not place the logo in a holding shape.
Goulds Logo Do Not 5
Do not use the Goulds Water Technology logo proximate to the Goulds Pumps logo.


A License Agreement was signed with ITT Corporation to enable Xylem to use the Goulds Water Technology brand. Upon first reference to Goulds Water Technology in any media – advertising, printed collateral, websites, digital media, etc. — must be footnoted on first use as follows: Goulds is a registered trademark of Goulds Pumps. Inc. and is used under license.

Rev: 10-02-2017