Market, Technology and Service Identities

Xylem has an incredibly rich portfolio of product brands (e.g. Flygt, Bell & Gossett, etc.), but it is sometimes difficult for sales and marketing to navigate between these individual brands and the Xylem brand. As a result, we have created a set of “identities” that will help sales and marketing more easily move among the brands.

Market, Technology and Service Identities provide an opportunity for Xylem to offer harmonized and integrated solutions in market categories where several Xylem product solutions or services are combined under one umbrella. Xylem is the brand. Industrial Solutions, for one, is an identity that covers a comprehensive and cohesive range of products, solutions, services and brands that Xylem brings to the industrial market.

Xylem’s Brand & Identity Architecture

In our brand architecture, the Identities are organized into “Market Identities” (e.g. Industrial Solutions) and “Technology & Service Identities” (e.g. Treatment Solutions). The hierarchy is rounded out with a “Base of Pyramid” Brand Extension (Xylem Essence of Life) and our Corporate Social Responsibility Brand Extension (Xylem Watermark).

*In certain markets, (i.e. Oceania) a “Xylem, Service & Rental” lockup is available.

Market, Technology and Service Identity Lockups

The Xylem Identities shown below are the only identity logos approved for use. Only Xylem corporate is allowed to create new Identities, in coordination with a steering committee.

The lockups with a “vertical” orientation leverage the space where “Let’s Solve Water” is typically found to further strengthen the visual identity of our brand. It is highly preferred to use the vertical orientation wherever possible.

Market Identities Vertical Orientation

Technology & Service Identities Vertical Orientation


Should there be any space limitations that restrict the use of the vertical lockups, the lockups with a “horizontal” orientation may be used. These versions place the descriptor to the right of Xylem, and should only be used if the vertical orientations are unworkable.

Market Identities Horizontal Orientation

Technology & Service Identities Horizontal Orientation



A key consideration for the naming and design of these Identities is to enable translations. As shown, translations are possible in both the vertical and horizontal orientations, and are encouraged to be leveraged where it makes sense for your customers.

Please reach out to the Brand Director should you have any questions or requests with regards to translation of the Identities.

Minimum Size and Clear Space

To ensure that our Identities are always legible, we have developed recommendations for the smallest size at which they can be safely reproduced for print and onscreen applications. Regardless of which version is used, the minimum size of “Xylem” for print applications is 0.875 inches (22mm) wide and 80 pixels wide for digital applications.

Minimum Print Size

Minimum Digital Size

Clear Space

To help it stand out in our communications and on products, it is important to surround our identities with a healthy amount of clear space. Regardless of which version is used, the clear space is equal to the height of the “x” in “xylem.” Avoid placing any text or graphic elements within this area.

Color, Typography and Imagery

When using Market, Technology or Service Identities, the guidelines for choosing colors, fonts or imagery are the same as for the corporate Xylem logo. Please follow the guidelines for Color, Typography and Photography that are found elsewhere on this site.

Product Brand vs. Identity

Product Brand

Where the product brand has strong awareness and is known for solving a focused, cohesive solution, e.g. Flygt Wastewater Pumping, lead with Xylem and feature the product brand.


Where a collection of brands or services under the Xylem umbrella represent a broader opportunity to position a harmonized and integrated offering, lead with the appropriate Market, Technology or Service Identity. Product brands may be included to reinforce the association, but do not need to be used.

These Identities can serve to tie multiple brands together or bring simplicity of messaging to a market category that has low awareness but is of critical importance to Xylem’s strategic growth agenda.

How to Implement Identities

To implement a Xylem Identity within the existing Xylem brand architecture, simply replace the existing Xylem logo with one of the Identity lockups in the same position and at the same relative size that the Xylem logo currently appears.

If product brand logos are needed, use gray or white logos at a minimal size, but be aware of any timelines for phasing out multiple product logos.

Xylem Identities and Channel Partners

Our channel partners frequently leverage the Xylem brand and its respective product brands in their own materials. If these communications are focused only on one product type, there is no need to incorporate a Xylem Identity.

However, if the channel partner provides products across multiple brands — or has the ambition to do so in the future — then the appropriate Market, Technology or Service Identity should be implemented to help our partner communicate to their customers at this level.

These materials should follow the existing guidelines in the Channel Partners Co-Branding section on this site.

Flyer front

Flyer back

Additional Examples of Identities in Use

Xylem Industrial Solutions brochure cover

Xylem Lab Solutions email with product logos

Xylem Building Solutions Website


The new Identities shown here are the only identity logos approved for use. They are available for download from this page.

Only Xylem corporate is allowed to create new Identities. In cases where there is a need for a new Identity, it must be requested with corporate marketing (Brand Director). The new use case will be brought to a Steering Committee by the Brand Director and will require approval from the Steering Committee as well as the CMO before it is authorized for use.

Rev: 02-02-2021