Color Palette

The blue used in our logo has been carefully selected. To promote the consistent reproduction of this color as well as the other colors in our palette, target specifications have been established.

Core Colors

Xylem Blue, the color of our logo, is the most important color in our visual system — a unique and modern color. It is unique in the industry and among our competitors. Xylem Gray and white are used to provide a clean, neutral canvas for Xylem Blue.

Xylem Blue

Pantone 7704 C

Note: Use Pantone 7460 U on uncoated paper stocks.

CMYK 93/4/8/24

RGB 0/133/173

Hex #0085AD

PANTONE PLUS formula for 7704 C
Pantone Pro. Blue 53.98
Pantone Rub Red 6.12
Pantone Yellow 012 2.64
Pantone Trans. White 37.26

Pantone Cool Gray 11 C

Note: Use black instead of gray for small copy and in applications such as PowerPoint, fax, and black-and-white product spec sheets.

CMYK 0/0/0/80

RGB 83/86/90

Hex #53565A


CMYK 0/0/0/0

RGB 255/255/255



Secondary Colors

Our secondary colors consist of a range of blues and greens that complement Xylem Blue and evoke the world of water. Use secondary colors generously throughout our communications.

Xylem Green

Pantone 347 C

CMYK 93/0/100/0

RGB 0/154/68

Hex #009A44

Xylem Aqua

Pantone 321 C

CMYK 96/3/35/12

RGB 0/140/149

Hex #008C95

Xylem Blue

Pantone 7704 C

CMYK 93/4/8/24

RGB 0/133/173

Hex #0085AD

Xylem Indigo

Pantone 285 C

CMYK 90/48/0/0

RGB 0/114/206

Hex #0072CE


Xylem Purple

Pantone 7669 C

CMYK 73/66/0/2

RGB 97/94/155

Hex #615E9B

Xylem Dark Blue

Pantone 661 C

CMYK 100/86/15/2

RGB 0/53/149

Hex #003595

Accent Colors

Our accent colors add interest and energy. Use them sparingly and only to help highlight or call out key information.

Pantone 152 C

CMYK 0/66/100/0

RGB 229/114/0

Hex #E57200

Pantone 193 C

CMYK 2/99/66/11

RGB 191/13/62

Hex #BF0D3E

Pantone 1235 C

CMYK 0/32/94/0

RGB 255/171/24

Hex #FFAB18

Pantone 7488 C

CMYK 56/0/92/0

RGB 98/209/60

Hex #62D13C


Incorrect Usage

Displayed below are some examples of the incorrect use of our color palette.

Incorrect Use

Do not apply gradients to backgrounds.

Incorrect Use

Do not apply accent colors to graphics or backgrounds.

Incorrect Use

Do not use arbitrary colors that are outside our palette.

Incorrect Use

Do not combine colors that provide insufficient contrast.

Incorrect Use

Do not assign gray to graphics in full-color situations.

Incorrect Use

Do not use accent colors in headlines or long blocks of text.

Rev: 04-16-2019