Regional Fact Sheet

There are times when local sales offices information, local company capabilities or other information needs to be presented to the customers. The following guidelines should be followed in order to create a regional fact sheet that correctly applies the visual elements of the Xylem brand in a consistent and compelling way. Templates are available in A4 and U.S. letter sizes for local sales offices, you can download 2-page, 4-page or 6-page examples.


The cover of the fact sheet features the Xylem wave graphic. There is space for a large hero shot or several images that represent your region, your markets and the industry.


Inside Spread

A simple, clean layout with minimal changes in typeface, color and alignment and ample use of white space will work best to visually convey the Xylem brand. It will be helpful to follow these basic rules when designing the interior pages of a fact sheet:

  • Establish a clear hierarchy of information using typeface, size, weight, color and placement.
  • Use call-outs, quotes, column widths and text placement to segregate information and add visual interest.
  • Use flush left, unjustified columns to create informal, easier-to-read text.
  • Use imagery to give the brochure relevance and pacing.
  • Use typography to help highlight and navigate the text, contributing to the reader’s experience and understanding.
  • Use color and graphic elements – such as quotes, subheads and diagrams – as well as white space to break up the information into easily digestible bites.
  • Keep color palettes limited to the approved colors and color themes that have been established for Xylem and its endorsed sub-brands.


Inside Grid

The inside fact sheet 6-column grid provides flexibility within a structured framework. The position of body text, headlines, imagery and other graphic elements within the grid will be dictated to some extent by the amount of information and the purpose of the publication. Keep the composition open and airy with plenty of white space. The top & bottom margins should be 19 mm with inner and outer margins 16 mm. Use a gutter of 5 mm to separate columns.




The back of the fact sheet is open your local company contact information and legal notices and a Xylem Watermark story (local if possible).




The images below show how a specific fact sheet may look when following the Xylem template and guidelines. This sample is for illustrative purposes only.





Rev: 10-18-2016