Tips on how to use our new PowerPoint templates

Onscreen presentations, such as PowerPoint, are a critical brand touch point. They are one of the most common forms of business communication today. Unfortunately, when PowerPoint templates are modified unnecessarily, brands often suffer. The fonts, colors, chart styles and other elements have been carefully crafted to work together within the presentation as well as across a variety of brand touch points.

For internal presentations, please choose our “in-house / printer-friendly” presentation template in order to conserve resources. It is a cleaner version that uses the least amount of ink when printed.

For external presentations, the color version is preferable.

To ensure we present a consistent brand image, please do not modify the templates, particularly for external usage. If you have suggestions for changes, please contact Ellen Hermans.

The Xylem logo as well as our wave graphic are vital expressions of our brand identity. The logo represents carefully drawn artwork that should not be altered or modified in any way. Always use the Xylem logo with the tagline. It is important to surround our logo and tagline with a healthy amount of breathing room. Avoid placing any text or graphic elements within the designated clear space. This also applies to our wave graphic; do not let any content cross over into the graphic.


In circumstances where you need to add a lot more information on a slide, e.g.: technical drawings, graphics, long tables, it is best to hide all background template graphics such as the wave graphic and logo.  To do this, make a right mouse click on the page, and click on “Format Background,” then check the “Hide background graphics” box and “Close” (see screenshot below).

Do not click on “Apply to all,” as that will convert all your slides to white.

Format background

Following these guidelines for use of our logo and tagline across the company is important, as it helps us to present a consistent and professional image.

Rev: 09-26-2017