Product Brand Logos

A “lockup” is what we call the combination of two separate visual elements…in this case, our product brands and the Xylem brand. Lockups are intended to present a specific product brand’s relationship to Xylem. The size of “a Xylem brand” varies slightly based upon the specific vertical dimension of each product brand logo. Please do not alter the size/space relationship of these elements. Note that you should never use two or more lockups together (see “multiple brand use” below). Product brand lockups are generally used on all commercial and promotional material, but not on company assets, corporate identity materials or transactional documents. Specifically:

Use the sub-brand/Xylem endorsement lockup on: Use the Xylem logo on:
  • Advertising
  • Promotional literature
  • Technical literature
  • Promotional items
  • Posters
  • Point of sale materials
  • Packaging
  • Products and nameplates
  • Branded websites
  • Apparel (for trade shows and similar)
  • Trade show displays
  • Buildings
  • Vehicles
  • Letterhead/Business Cards (backs of cards may show product brands; see “Business Cards” for more detail)
  • Forms/Invoices
  • Pay stubs
  • Employee uniforms
  • Employee communications
  • Email signatures

Be sure to only use the lockup files as provided for download on this site. Do not alter them in any way.

Single product brand use

All Xylem product brands have been assigned a key accent color and a lockup that includes the tagline, “a Xylem brand” (see below). These lockups and associated colors should be leveraged whenever creating single-product brand communications. Use the key accent color within the magenta area of the product brand wave graphic (available for download from the Wave Graphic page on this site) and throughout an application to complement the standard Xylem color palette, typography and photographic style.

Product Brand Waves

A sample application, using the Bell & Gossett product brand, is illustrated below.

Bell & Gossett cover


Advanced Infrastructure Analytics

Pantone 280

CMYK 100/94/30/20

Hypack logo pantone 543 Pantone 543

CMYK 37/9/0/1

Pantone 199

CMYK 7/100/85/4

Pantone 7694

CMYK 72/26/0/68

Pantone Process Blue

CMYK 100/13/1/3

Pantone 7702

CMYK 72/11/16/0

Pantone 072

CMYK 100/97/3/3


AANDERAA Pantone 1797 Pantone 1797

CMYK 0/100/100/4

Bellingham + Stanley Pantone 659 Pantone 659

CMYK 100/30/0/0

Ebro CMYK 0/94/100/0 CMYK 0/94/100/0
Global Water Pantone 293 Pantone 293

CMYK 100/57/0/2

MJK Pantone 341 Pantone 341

CMYK 100/0/69/30

OI Analytical Pantone 301 Pantone 301

CMYK 100/45/0/18

SI Analytics Pantone 301 Pantone 301

CMYK 100/45/0/18

SonTek Pantone 2728 Pantone 2728

CMYK 90/70/2/0

Tideland Pantone 485 Pantone 485

CMYK 0/95/100/0

WTW Black Black
YSI Pantone 2728 Pantone 2728

CMYK 96/69/0/0


Sensus logo Pantone 661

CMYK 100/86/15/5

Pantone 661

CMYK 100/86/15/5

Applied Water Systems

AC Fire Pump Pantone 200 Pantone 200

CMYK 0/100/63/12

Bell & Gossett Pantone 485 Pantone 485

CMYK 0/95/100/0

CentriPro Pantone 2925 Pantone 2925

CMYK 84/21/0/0

Essence of Life Pantone 2985 Pantone 2985

CMYK 59/0/0/6

Flojet Pantone 5405 Pantone 5405

CMYK 58/17/0/46

Goulds_rgb1 Pantone 308 Pantone 308

CMYK 100/22/8/58

Jabsco Pantone 293 Pantone 293

CMYK 100/57/0/2

Lowara Pantone 300 Pantone 300

CMYK 100/45/0/0

McDonnell & Miller CMYK 0/100/100/0 CMYK 0/100/100/0
Rule Pantone 187 Pantone 187

CMYK 0/100/89/20

Standard Xchange Pantone 280 Pantone 280

CMYK 100/72/0/18


Flygt Pantone 300 Pantone 300

CMYK 100/42/0/0

Steady Pantone 7545 Pantone 7545

CMYK 55/30/17/51


 Godwin Pantone 1665 Pantone 1665

CMYK 0/68/100/0


Leopold colors_clip_image006_60 Xylem Blue Pantone 7704 C

CMYK 93/4/8/24

Sanitaire colors_clip_image006_60 Xylem Blue Pantone 7704 C

CMYK 93/4/8/24

Wedeco colors_clip_image006_60 Xylem Blue Pantone 7704 C

CMYK 93/4/8/24

Multiple brand use

Only one brand lockup can be used at a time; use lockups for presentation of single brands only. When multiple brands are present, no lockups are to be used. In multiple-brand scenarios where more than one brand is shown on a page at a time, Xylem should clearly be shown as the prominent brand. In most cases, Xylem is the only brand in color and all other product brand logos should be shown in gray or white. Gray logos should be placed on a white background, while white logos may be placed on a solid color from our palette or one of our wave graphics. See the following examples:

Collateral example


Tradeshow booth examples

product-brand-logos_clip_image0021_rev2 Xylem_reception_desk_3 ceiling_banners_at_show

In some cases, at a tradeshow for instance, when multiple product brands are directly facing the customer or end user, we need to leverage the strength of the individual product brands more directly. In these situations, a product logo may appear more prominently and in color, provided it is showcased within its own space. When multiple product logos share the same immediate space, they are still presented in gray or white. Compare the tradeshow display examples below:

Multiple product brands at the same tradeshow, each with their own space



Multiple product brands sharing the same space at a tradeshow


For additional information about our collateral or tradeshow booth design guidelines click on the relevant links.

Company sponsorships

When there is an opportunity for company sponsorships (example, Xylem sponsors a tradeshow and the tradeshow asks to put the Xylem logo on signage), both the company/tradeshow logo and the Xylem brand lockup can be shown in color.

Minimum size

To ensure that our logo and tagline are always legible, we have developed recommendations for the smallest size at which it can be safely reproduced for print and onscreen applications. The endorsement tagline should be no smaller than 0.6 inches (15 mm) wide for print applications and 60 pixels wide for onscreen applications.

Print applications

Sub-brand Minimum Size Print

Onscreen applications

Sub-brand Minimum Size On-Screen


Sub-brand logo lockups are never to be translated.

Rev: 05-14-2018