Download Files

Select the files you would like to download. These files will be packaged in a zip file. Due to their large file sizes, underlined files must be downloaded individually by clicking on the link.


  • About - Mac (English, 11MB)
  • Solve - Mac (English, 12MB)
  • Demand - Mac (English, 9MB)
  • About - Windows (English, 1MB)
  • Solve - Windows (English, 3MB)
  • Demand - Windows (English, 1MB)
  • Rotating Images, 1024x768 - Windows (English, 3MB)
  • Rotating Images, 1920x1080 - Windows (English, 1MB)


  • Waves 1024x768 (English, 33kb)
  • Waves 1280x800 (English, 36kb)
  • Waves 1600x1200 (English, 66kb)
  • Waves 2560x14400 (English, 89kb)
  • Logo 1024x768 (English, 32kb)
  • Logo 1280x800 (English, 35kb)
  • Logo 1600x1200 (English, 57kb)
  • Logo 2560x14400 (English, 86kb)